The Abnormal Christian

A real look at the Christian Life.

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Brad and Natasha talk about their 6 year old daughter, and something she said at the dentist today.  We were challenged by her words, will you be?
April 22, 2021
Brad and Natasha talk about Babylon and sin.  The system, the city, the Countries that support wickedness.  Should we be a part?  Should we allow space in our lives for it to live?
April 13, 2021
Brad and Natasha Talk about current events in America.  The election results, Covid, and the need for the spread of the Gospel.  Lets take a moment to catch up!
March 6, 2021
*Quality Notice: This episode contains a low electrical hum.  We are working on getting it out as we have had this issue in the past.  Brad and Natasha take a look at Acts 18 and the continued story o...
October 21, 2020
Brad and Natasha talk about the wondrous and great love of God.  Are we worthy of Gods love?  What is on the mind of God?
October 18, 2020
Brad and Natasha talk about some things that have happened over the summer.  They talk about changes that have happened in their lives, and how God moved in their family to accomplish His work in thei...
October 13, 2020
Brad and Natasha talk about a Church Sign that Brad saw.  What is the source of Gods righteousness?  Who is Gods righteousness? Does understanding the righteousness of God help us understand our place...
August 18, 2020
Brad and Natasha ask the question, do you hate your sin?  What does that even look like in our lives?  When we love God should we not hate the sin that that we do?  Why do so many people want to hang ...
August 17, 2020
Brad and Natasha revisit the topic of "What is sin?". Is it just the 10 commandments, is it specific to individuals or are we given a clear definition of it in the Bible. We asked for input from peopl...
July 7, 2020
Brad and Natasha discuss current events from the first half of 2020. They give their take from a Hebraic Roots perspective. How do you stay grounded when the world around you is devolving into utter c...
June 28, 2020
Brad and Natasha go over Acts 17, Paul visits Berea and Athens.  This leads to confrontations with local Jews and the reading of the Gospel to the greeks. Paul preaches the resurrection of Jesus from ...
May 19, 2020
Brad and Natasha talk about our preferences when it comes to life and the scripture. What do we prefer in a church service? What version of the Bible do we prefer to adhere to? Do we search for things...
May 11, 2020
Brad and Natasha talk about current events in relation to Psalms 46.  Should we be afraid?  Who is in control, even when it all seems to fall apart?  Does God really know what you are going through?  ...
April 30, 2020
Brad and Natasha look at Hebrews chapter 13 and the specific subject presented in verse 17.  Does this bible tell us to blindly follow those who have authority over us?  Does it tell us who we should ...
April 19, 2020
Brad and Natasha go over Acts chapter 16 as they continue on in their study of The Acts of The Apostles.
April 15, 2020

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